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  • Holistic Health CBD: New Website

    Holistic Health CBD is a locally owned, upscale CBD boutique in Lubbock, Texas. Holistic Health offers high quality and family friendly cannabidiol products that boast radical benefits. The vision of Holistic Health is to lead the way in the CBD industry through radical transparency and only the highest quality products made from legally grown hemp. All of the products at Holistic Health are made from legally grown hemp and have benefits such as improved sleep quality, reduced inflammation, less stress and anxiety, and improved joint health,...(Read More)

  • Big Bass Candy: New Website

    Big Bass Candy is a bass bait and weight shop geared toward improving every fishing experience for everyone. Whether you are young or old, amateur or professional, or you go fishing a few times each summer or you are on the water every weekend in rain or shine, Big Bass Candy has something for all! While the actual bait is important and customers have many options, what sets Big Bass Candy apart is the careful design of each color. The bait and weights at Big Bass Candy are designed to throw colors that attract fish and therefore help you to catch...(Read More)

  • What is Email Marketing?

    The reality is that the last month has been a wild rollercoaster, and many of the tactics companies used to market their services or products are no longer effective due to a myriad of reasons. For example, a storefront sign is not likely to be the best method of advertising your business in a time when non-essential businesses are not open to customers, and you probably should not opt for an in-store special deal when gatherings of all sizes are prohibited other than at work or home. This is an unprecedented time, and because it is so different from what we would...(Read More)

  • How We Can Help You Show Up Higher in Search Engines

    After the month of March, you now know just how search engines function from crawling your website for relevant new content to algorithms to indexing. How exactly, though, can this information go from being something that you simply have knowledge of to something that helps your website show up higher on search engine result pages? At Your Web Pro, we can help you take this information and utilize it so that you perform better and index more frequently in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your Web Pro LLC offers maintenance and SEO (or search engine...(Read More)

  • Social Media Services with Your Web Pro LLC

    At Your Web Pro LLC, we know how important it is to have a consistent presence online in a world that is increasingly online, especially as much of our marketing and shopping has moved to the Internet due to the coronavirus. During social distancing and self-quarantine, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more have become ideal avenues for utilizing marketing campaigns. Now is the perfect time to take your company even more online to social media. Not only does a consistent, clear presence on social media increase your chances of being pushed into news...(Read More)

  • Search Engine Indexing

    If you can think back far enough, you will remember a time when things were not all organized for consumers on the Internet. If you were looking for a plumber or someone to fix your roof, you would scroll through the phone book or Yellow Pages, or if you had a fact you wanted to prove to a friend, you had to find an Encyclopedia to dig through to find what you were looking for. While the World Wide Web has only been a go-to for consumers for around 30 years, we have been using directories for much longer (though we can all agree it is much easier to have answers in...(Read More)

  • Five Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

    Some business owners and operators are still resistant toward creating and maintaining social media pages for their companies. It can seem like a lot of work to get going and even more to sustain momentum, and not everyone has the tools or time to curate social media feeds to optimize business. At Your Web Pro, we believe that social media pages are beneficial for your company for many reasons! Here are five benefits of creating and sustaining social media accounts for your business:

    1. Increase traffic to your website. Social media can direct potential...(Read More)

  • How Are Search Engine Results Determined?

    Did you know that you do not see the same results on search engine pages as everyone else in the world? When you search for something on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine, more goes into the results you see than just which website is the most popular or has the best keywords. Alongside the index from the search engine itself, an algorithm is used to determine what is most relevant to you based on your personal search history, location, language, and the device you are using (a cell phone, desktop, laptop, et cetera). Each index and algorithm is unique to...(Read More)

  • How to Best Utilize Your Social Media Accounts

    If you already have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn set up for your business, you are doing well. However, simply having an existing page or profile does not do much in the way of marketing or advertising. This simply means that potential customers will be able to find you on social media when they search for you or your services. What they see when they visit your pages will play a huge role in determining whether or not these potential customers see you as relevant, credible, and trustworthy. They will be able to see if you...(Read More)

  • How Do Search Engines Work?

    Search engines can feel hard to figure out. How did the person at the top of the first page get to be there? What are sponsored ads? Why is my website not higher up in the search engine result rankings? It is true that a majority of people do not click past the first page of search engine results, and most of those people do not click on anything past the first five results on the first page! For these reasons, it is important that your website perform well in search engine results. If you feel like it is a fruitless process and are tired of working hard to no...(Read More)

  • Why You Need Social Media for Your Business

    It can feel overwhelming and pointless to try to keep up with every social media platform these days. Between platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and now TikTok, social media has become one of the best, if not the best, ways to market your products or services. Gone are the days of only getting business through word-of-mouth marketing or advertisements in the newspaper. Most people today will use the Internet and search for business or product reviews and social media pages before they decide to make a purchase or commit to a service your company offers. If...(Read More)

  • Website Speed Killers

    There are a number of things you can do to improve your website speed, but there are also ways to prevent a drastic slowdown in the first place. As with most anything, the best way to avoid a catastrophe is prevention! It may surprise you, but there are things you may be doing that are already causing your website pages to load slower. A slow website is something that will turn away customers before they have even officially visited your site! To keep your site running well and loading at a high speed, you can always do something to make your website more efficient....(Read More)

  • Before You Choose Your Website Host...

    If you are anything like me, a lot of research goes into something before a decision or purchase is made. If I am looking into vacation destinations, I compare multiple places and look at their lodging, activities, cost of travel, and amenities before I choose where I am going. If I am shopping for a pair of jeans or a new dress, I like to know what my options are as far as quality, price, customer service, and shipping before I swipe my credit card. Similarly, I have never had to choose where I am going to host my website (or at least I have not had to make that...(Read More)

  • Jason Dear: New Website

    Shopping for and finding a healthcare insurance policy that works for you can feel like a long, tedious process that has no clear answer. It is expensive, highly jargoned, and hard to understand exactly what you are getting with your plan. There are hundreds of options for you and your family, and estimating which plan is the best deal for your particular situation is difficult. However, without health insurance, a simple illness that warrants a trip to the doctor’s office or a broken bone can be a sky-high cost. When you are looking for a...(Read More)

  • How to Improve Website Speed

    In a fast-paced world, we are not very patient people. Most people hate waiting in lines, waiting on hold, and waiting for things to load. In fact, I’ve been known to leave an app or site if it doesn’t pull up almost immediately. Website speed matters more than you might think. If you want to climb search engine result rankings, attract customers, and keep site visitors, you should consider how fast your website loads. Studies show that a great majority of internet users expect sites to load within two to three seconds, and if they do not, many will click off...(Read More)

  • Mostly Pink Boutique: New Website

    Every girl wants to wear a dress that is unique, authentic to her style, and beautiful for special occasions, and most know the feeling of showing up to a formal, the prom, or a wedding and seeing that someone else has on the same dress! Mostly Pink Boutique, an online gown and dress shop based out of Lubbock, Texas, ensures that this will not be a problem at the next fancy event you attend. The new, pre-owned, and vintage gowns and dresses at Mostly Pink Boutique are one of a kind. Many of them are hand dyed or are restored and hand-cleaned. With a...(Read More)

  • It Matters Where You Host Your Website

    There is a phrase my cousin often uses in passing when we are joking about spending money on something: “Buy nice or buy twice.” While we are mostly trying to justify the amount we are paying for an item, there is a good bit of truth (and advice) in this statement. A lot of the things I have bought for really cheap have broken, worn out much sooner than they should have, or failed to perform the service I thought I had purchased. This can also be true with website hosting. While determining where you host your website is not as big a decision as buying a car, a...(Read More)

  • Signature RV Designs: New Website

    After 17 years of remodeling homes and businesses, Signature RV Designs owners Chuck and Melissa Harris were ready for a new adventure. From the time their three children were young, they loved to go camping, and now the grandparents of seven, it is a shared love throughout the family. Chuck and Melissa knew it was important to have a space to relax in at the end of long days outdoors when they were camping, but found that they were struggling to discover a camper that gave them what they were looking for. Each camper they looked at felt bland and...(Read More)

  • Lubbock Property Services: New Website

    Lubbock Property Services started officially in December 2018 when owner James Russell started to take small fix-up jobs from his customers, but he has been serving the West Texas community since he and his wife Courtney settled down in Lubbock in 2012. From residential jobs such as redesigning a kitchen island and installing new flooring and baseboards to roofing; from painting and ductwork in your office building (James and Courtney also own AireServ of the South Plains) to an air filter subscription program, there is no corner left...(Read More)

  • Why Does Website Speed Matter?

    If you think that it does not really matter how fast your website loads, think again. Delays as small as one second can make a big difference in how much traffic your website receives. According to a 2019 study on user experience by The Daily Egg, a one-second delay in page load time can lead to “11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.” If that is the difference only one second can make, think about longer delays. Most people click off the page within a few seconds if it does not load up the way they are...(Read More)

  • Why Host with Your Web Pro>

    At the beginning of last year, my phone charger stopped working. I didn’t think much of it and got on Amazon to order a new one. The cord I found was six feet long, looked durable enough, and the cheapest option I could find. I enthusiastically purchased it without a second thought or glance at the reviews and waited for its arrival. When it got to my house, I plugged in my phone immediately to make sure it would work. To my gratification, it did -- for a few weeks, at least. It didn’t take long for an issue to arise with my previously just fine charging cord,...(Read More)

  • Wrench It Forward: New Website

    Wrench It Forward is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Lubbock, Texas, with a goal to move people out of poverty and homelessness by providing low-cost car repairs for households with limited means. It is very difficult to get anywhere without a car in West Texas, and simple tasks such as grocery shopping, getting to and from work or school, and going to appointments are often made impossible without a reliable mode of transportation. Wrench It Forward saw the pressing need for low-cost auto repairs in the South Plains and chose to meet the need. In just...(Read More)

  • Increasing Website Speed

    I learned a lot about increasing the speed of our home internet when I was growing up. We lived in the middle of a cotton field and had notoriously slow, fragile internet connection. If the wind blew too hard (which happened a lot in West Texas), it was raining, or anything else even slightly out of the ordinary happened, everything online would move at turtle speed. My family and I quickly figured out that the best way to get things running again was to unplug the router for a few minutes, plug it back in, and load up whatever you needed as soon as you could to get...(Read More)

  • Hosting Services with Your Web Pro

    The hosting of your website is something most people do not think about until there is an issue. If you have ever had a problem with your website and spent hours on the phone on hold, passing from representative to representative, you know why this is a bad idea! Even if you did not care who was hosting your website before a problem popped up, you certainly do when you are trying to resolve the situation. Website hosting should be simple, and we do just that at Your Web Pro. We offer one hosting service that sets us apart from the big companies. Your Web Pro has...(Read More)

  • How SEO Can Help Your Online Store

    Search engine optimization, or the process of making your website as perfect as possible with keywords, textual phrases, and images so it is ranked higher on search engine result pages such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, is a useful tool, but it is good for more than an increase in your ranking. SEO can not only help you show up higher on search engine result pages, but can also increase the quality and volume of traffic to your website. There are a number of reasons SEO is essential to your website and your business.

    For starters, SEO is designed to help...(Read More)

  • Before You Redesign

    Deciding to redesign your website is admittedly a big undertaking. Like remodeling your kitchen or painting your home, it’s a project that can be time consuming and arduous, and it is one that you cannot afford to get wrong. There is nothing worse than finishing a demanding task that you have put a lot of time and effort into only to realize you do not like it, it isn’t as effective as you would have hoped, or you have not achieved the results you had planned. This is why it is important to get your website redesign right! Your Web Pro wants to...(Read More)

  • Cloud Training Services: Website Rebuild

    Cloud Training Services was founded in 1996 by Darla Cloud after seeing the need for hands-on classes to teach Microsoft software such as Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, and more. Darla has been teaching computer classes since 1989 and has earned the Microsoft Office Expert Certification. She also has experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Technical Trainer, and as a schoolteacher. Her time as a CPA and teacher combine to help make her an excellent trainer.

    Cloud Training Services specializes in onsite...(Read More)

  • First United Methodist Church of Post: New Website

    The First United Methodist Church of Post, Texas, is a place where members celebrate their faith, experience a loving and caring fellowship, and join together in Christ’s call to service. With a mission to offer Christ to the community of Post, love their neighbors, and serve the world around them, the overarching vision of First United Methodist Church of Post is to love God and love others. FUMC Post has many opportunities to engage and serve, from youth group to handbell choir to kitchen committees to Sunday School and children’s programs. Sunday...(Read More)

  • Maintaining Your Online Store

    You might assume that the most tedious part of the work is over when you have successfully started and opened your online store. However, after you have created your site and added the entirety of your products (or at least the initial products you are starting with), the next part of your job starts: maintaining your online store. Sure, you might have your internet storefront stocked and up and running, but it is now important to stay on top of checking your inventory, updating and adding new products, and removing sold out or out of stock products. It would be...(Read More)

  • New Website: Plains Baptist Camp & Retreat Center

    Founded in 1949 in the Blanco Canyon outside Floydada, Texas, Plains Baptist Camp & Retreat Center exists to provide a place for attendees to escape from the busy day-to-day and enjoy rest, peace, and fun. Plains Baptist Camp & Retreat Center hosts conferences, retreats, and other gatherings as well as two summer camps: Explorers Pre-Teen Camp (grades 3-6) and Driven Youth Camp (grades 6-12). Whether you are at Plains Baptist Camp & Retreat Center for summer camp, a conference, a weekend retreat, or a camping trip, you have access to meeting spaces, dining...(Read More)

  • Three Reasons to Redesign Your Website

    There are many reasons to consider redesigning your website. Maybe it is out of date and looks a little old. Maybe it is running slower than it should. Maybe you are rebranding, or perhaps you would like to improve your sales or increase your growth. Whatever your reason may be, redesigning your website is a decent undertaking, and it will not automatically guarantee a jump in sales numbers or an improvement in your online marketing. What it will do is attract visitors to stay on your website longer, improve the clarity of your site, increase...(Read More)

  • What Makes an Online Store Successful?

    In an age where you can buy anything from a pizza to an outfit for your next big event on your iPhone, tablet, or computer, shopping is largely shifting from brick and mortar stores to eCommerce. You can even order your groceries online and have them delivered to your car or your home! Internet shopping and online stores eliminate the risk of dealing with crowds, waiting for things to be ready, and more. It is no surprise that online stores are popping up everywhere to cater to different interests and categories. While it may seem easy to set up your online shop,...(Read More)

  • The 18 Month Design Cycle

    If someone were to ask when anyone on our team at Your Web Pro when they should redesign their website, they would most likely receive the same answer no matter who they talked to. As mentioned previously, we recommend that store and company owners look at redesigning their website every 18 months. We call this our 18 month design cycle. While not every website needs to be redesigned after this period of time, it is typically at least time to consider redoing your site at this time. When you think about your own time spent browsing the Internet, you will probably...(Read More)

  • New Website: Keyed Up Coaching

    If you were told there was a way you could improve your sales numbers, grow your business, and enjoy yourself while doing so, would you jump in? That is exactly what Larry Viaille of Keyed Up Coaching chose to do! With nearly 50 years of experience owning and operating his own business, Lubbock Lock and Key, Larry not only has practical knowledge and application, he also is a certified coach with WhizBang Retail Training. While seeking out a business education that was reasonable to do while continuing to run his business, he found WhizBang Retail...(Read More)

  • Getting Started Selling Online

    So you have decided that you have something you would like to sell online! Whether you are starting your own online store or are using a marketplace of some sort, it can seem like a large and overwhelming task to manage online listings. In fact, the State of Small Business in America reported that only 25% of all small businesses have a website that has an ecommerce functionality, and of that 25%, 58% earn less than 10$ of their sales from the online portion of their sales. Fortunately, there are tools to help you increase your earnings online and navigate ecommerce...(Read More)

  • New Year, New Website?

    The beginning of a new year (and, in this case, a new decade) is the time when many people vow to make big changes in their lives. Many decide to eat healthier, work out, spend less time on electronics, read more books, and other goals. Some decide to start something new, like a business or writing a book. This year, it may be time for you to start the new year with a new website! We are commonly asked how often someone should consider redesigning their website. Our catch-all answer is that you should consider a website redesign every 18 months OR at any major...(Read More)

  • He Has Come!

    The word “advent” means “coming” in Latin, and today -- Christmas Day -- we celebrate that the King has come! On a day that is often filled with noise, cheer, family, food, and loved ones, I think back to the day Jesus was born. While Christmas today has become a holiday full of celebration and gifts, it was quite the opposite on Jesus’ birthday. When Mary and Joseph returned to Bethlehem for the census, they were returning to Joseph’s hometown. Yet when the time came that she would give birth, Jesus was not born in the home of a relative or even in...(Read More)

  • Can Advertising on YouTube Help My Business?

    If you have recently pulled up anything on YouTube, you have likely had to sit through at least a few seconds of an advertisement before you could watch your video. Sometimes you can click off the advertisement after 10 or 15 seconds, and others, a notice pops up that your video will play after the ad. Either way, you are locked in to the ad for at least a moment or two, and there isn’t much you can do to tune it out while it plays. Analysts estimate that YouTube has over 2 billion users (or almost one-third of the Internet), with 1 billion hours watched daily. With so many people utilizing the platform every day, there is a huge opportunity for business owners and marketers to reach a...(Read More)

  • What did the Messiah Do?

    One of the staples of a child growing up in my home church was the “WWJD” bracelets we all seemed to have. They were handed out in our Sunday School classes and probably during Children’s Church as well, and we were encouraged to ask ourselves before responding to things throughout our days and weeks, what would Jesus do? As I grow older and as the Christmas season continues, it seems more pertinent to ask instead, “What did Jesus do?” Ephesians 5:1 (ESV) says, “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.” We do not have to hypothesize how to...(Read More)

  • Google Ads Retargeting and Remarketing

    Google offers several ways to retarget, or remarket, your ads to people who’ve previously interacted with your business. For example, a person searching for new shoes to purchase may visit many websites and will notice that as they browse one, an ad for a site they just visited shows in the ad-section. This is Google’s ad remarketing – a very strategic form of advertising.

    Remarketing campaigns are easy to setup and offer a wide array of functions to create a more personalized ad for specific audiences. These ads are based on a bidding system; the same one is used in your regular search/display ads to show your ad when the best bid is chosen in real-time.

    With...(Read More)

  • Who is the Messiah?

    “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be upon his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.” Isaiah 9:6-7

    From the beginning of time, Jesus was the promised King. Throughout the Old...(Read More)

  • What Does Display Advertising Do?

    Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed after a long day and had an advertisement grab your attention seemingly out of nowhere? Do you get sucked in to watching video advertisements on social media or find yourself clicking on an ad that you saw pop up on your Instagram page? Display advertising is a method of targeting an audience of a particular website or platform to get them to engage in a specific action. More often than not, this action is clicking on the advertisement to make a purchase. Display advertising is comprised of image or video...(Read More)

  • Why Do We Need a Messiah?

    Christmas is coming, and it isn’t called the most wonderful time of the year for no reason! In addition to seeing loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, and the decorations strung up around homes and through town, Christmas is a time to celebrate the coming of the Messiah. Each Sunday leading up to Christmas Day, we light a candle in church as we grow nearer to the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The first candle is the candle of hope.

    Isaiah 9:6-7 says, “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders....(Read More)

  • How Can Advertising on Google Help Me?

    The world of online advertising can seem tricky, immense, and often downright creepy. (For example, my family was discussing Christmas gifts over Thanksgiving, and we all had identical advertisements pop up on our social media over the next few days.) When you add in the factors of advertising a small business versus a giant such as Amazon or Target, online advertising can feel even more daunting. The good news is that you do not have to go at it alone. Your Web Pro would love to help you advertise your business online through Google AdWords. There...(Read More)

  • When to Consider Redesigning

    Every so often, my mom gets the urge to redo her entire home. We are talking more than just a simple redecorating -- she wants new floors, cabinets, paint color, countertops, and everything rearranged. Of course, this doesn’t happen too often, and the whole house has yet to undergo the massive transformation she talks about, but she considers a redesign with some relative frequency. Similar to your home, your website will also need some redesigning, redecorating, rearranging, and updating. While you don’t have to live in your website, it is...(Read More)

  • How We Can Help You Reach More Customers on Social Media

    It may seem like an uphill battle to reach customers with so many different things both good and bad clamoring for our attention on social media. Alongside algorithm changes following Mark Zuckerburg’s declaration that Facebook wanted you, the consumer, to take the year for family and friends rather than businesses and ads, reaching customers through social media has started to feel like a recipe rather than a simple process. In the days of digital marketing and online sales, managing social media accounts has become a job in and of itself. There...(Read More)

  • Reasons to Redesign a Website

    We all have things we keep around longer than we know we should simply because we can. It’s still working just fine, or it still fits, or it feels wasteful to throw it out. They may be well past their prime, but they still do what they’re supposed to, and “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” I had a pair of white high-top Converse sneakers that I kept around and kept wearing despite the fact that the soles were worn thin and I could feel every tiny pebble I stepped on when I wore them. Your website can start to feel like a well-loved pair...(Read More)

  • Can Your Social Media Profile Benefit From More Frequent Posting?

    The algorithm many social media sites use is confusing at best. Since the implementation of the new Facebook algorithm changes, many brands have watched as their organic reach (the amount of people your posts reach through unpaid advertising) decrease dramatically by no fault of their own. Posts that were once getting lots of interaction through likes, comments, and shares suddenly seemed to be taking a nosedive and receiving little to no discussion. Both businesses and those who were engaging with them online wondered where their normal Facebook...(Read More)

  • Website Grandpas

    Have you ever visited a site only to see that, while it was still working fine and everything looked to be working the way it was supposed to, it appeared a little outdated? Sure, the links and buttons and forms were all functioning, the site itself loaded in a timely manner, and nothing was visibly “wrong” with the website, but it was just not quite appealing to look at or scroll through. Even the most well-designed websites have a bit of an expiration date. After a website hits the five year mark, it is considered “over the hill.” This...(Read More)

  • New Website: Gary's Piano Service

    Though Gary’s Piano Service has only been official for about 20 years, owner Gary Dennis has been tuning and servicing pianos for longer. The company started in Paris, Texas, when Gary started tuning pianos after his job as a school teacher. While he has been a minister, child counselor, and school teacher, Gary has continually returned to music. Specifically, Gary started his piano service to do what he loved and what had fascinated him tremendously for years. He has been tuning pianos since then. When Gary approached us about building a new website...(Read More)

  • New Website: The Boot Helper

    The Boot Helper is a tool made to ensure that its user no longer has to struggle with the oftentimes tedious and sometimes painful process of putting on boots. For all who struggle to bend down or reach to pull on their boots, whether due to injury, stiffness, balance, soreness, or any other reason, the Boot Helper eliminates the need to fight to get your boots on. There is no need to work harder than you should have to just to put on your shoes, and the Boot Helper is designed with this in mind. No longer do you have to reach or bend down to pull on...(Read More)

  • New Website: Mustang Homes & Land

    Located in Lubbock, Texas, and serving the South Plains for more than fifty years, Mustang Homes and Land offers manufactured and modular homes from less than 400 to over 3000 square feet as well as plots of land. Mustang Homes and Land extends high-quality products alongside high-quality service, which has allowed for longevity and consistency in their operation. The knowledgeable and capable staff has been employed by Mustang Homes and Land for 16 years, and the company has been under the same management personnel since 1969. Not only are they...(Read More)

  • New Website: Plainview EDC

    The Plainview-Hale County Economic Development Corporation exists to assist those living and working in or moving to the Plainview-Hale County area. Plainview is located less than an hour from Lubbock and just over an hour from Amarillo and is known for its low taxes, inexpensive cost of living, and growing business climate. The Plainview-Hale County Economic Development Corporation serves to inform and assist those who are considering moving to the area to grow or start their own business in an industry that is thriving. Your Web Pro was happy to...(Read More)

  • What Makes You Relevant to People on Facebook?

    Sometimes posting on Facebook can feel like you are talking to an empty room: you are speaking, but no one hears, or at least no one responds to what you have said. Posting over and over with little to no interaction can start to be monotonous and draining, and you may get tired of working and not seeing the fruits of your labor. However, you are not alone. Facebook analysts have estimated that organic Facebook posts reach only an average of 10.59%. There are Facebook pages with thousands of fans that are lucky to reach around 13% of their...(Read More)

  • The 18 Month Design Cycle

    Have you ever been looking something up (a business, a company, a person) and visited a website only to find that things look a little bit out of date, boring, or old? There are few things that make me click off a website quicker than seeing that its content is not relevant, links are not working, or that its information is outdated! There is a reason that Your Web Pro likes to make sure that your website is constantly putting out fresh content and updating information to be current. Customers like websites with updated information and relevant...(Read More)

  • Why Does Your Company Need a Presence on Social Media?

    The latest marketing statistics are out, and they don’t lie: 90% of marketers say that social media presence has helped their business through exposure, interaction, and internet presence. Whether you run a small, local business or are in charge of a massive corporation, your company needs social media presence. It is no longer an added bonus if you have a Facebook page or Instagram account your customers or audience can interact with. Now it is all but a necessity for the sake of your business. Social media is not a passing trend or something...(Read More)

  • What Else Can You Do to Show Up in Search Engines?

    Is there even more than one page of Google search results? Let’s be honest: only 5 percent of people click past the first page of search results, and most are likely to click on the first result that pops up. This means that if your website isn’t on the first page of results after you type a query into a search engine, you have less than a 5 percent chance of getting website traffic this way. The good news is that you are not out of luck! There are many ways you can increase web traffic and show up higher in search engine results.

    In...(Read More)

  • New Website: Power Wash Pros

    Power Wash Pros in Lubbock, Texas, is a commercial and residential power washing company. With over five years of experience, the team at Power Wash Pros takes pride in prioritizing affordable and effective power washing for your business, home, apartment building, and more. They know how the West Texas wind blows and leaves buildups of dust, dirt, and debris in parking lots, fencing, siding, and any other structure it can cling to. Over time, exposure to the elements, especially in Lubbock and its surrounding areas where we are famous for our...(Read More)

  • New Website: Lubbock Day Care

    We recently had the opportunity to work with a branch of daycares in Lubbock to redo their entire website. These Christian pre-school centers include Creative Learning Center, Kids Are Cool Center, Learning Tree, and Wee Care. All four of these are Early Education Christian Schools (EECS), which are licensed by the State of Texas as a childcare center, begin caring for and teaching children as early as six weeks of age, provide an after school program, use an accredited and accelerated Christian curriculum, and maintain Green Guard standards while...(Read More)

  • How Does More Content Help You?

    When I was in high school, my basketball coach told my teammates and I that those of us who were not on the cross country team but would be playing basketball come October we had to run one cross country meet. Yes, just one -- and my friends and I certainly trained like we were only going to be running two miles one time. We took a “do the least” style, and in our after school practices, we would walk as soon as we were out of the view of our coach, or we would run the parts he could see and walk the parts he couldn’t. There were several times...(Read More)

  • Introducing Two New SEO Service Levels!

    You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now. You have planned and started your business, created a website, and waited for the influx of customers to visit your site. Maybe this has happened for you; maybe you are still waiting. Maybe you have Googled your website and found it on the second or third page of results. There are tons of factors that go into your website’s ranking and help dictate traffic to your site. The Internet has certainly made searching for things and learning new information much less work (you don’t have to go digging...(Read More)

  • What Do Search Engines See When They Index Your Site?

    In many ways, search engines have changed our lives the past two decades. For example, we can now look things up with small computers that fit in our pockets instead of having to go find an encyclopedia. If you are looking for a coffeehouse, a car repair center, or the perfect Christmas destination, you can have answers (and options) in seconds after you type your search query into the browser.

    Search engines have changed the way we go about our daily lives, and they can also help change your business! With the right tools and knowledge,...(Read More)

  • New Website: Children's Hope

    Children’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with corporate offices located in Lubbock, Texas. They have a vision of seeing every child have a permanent living situation that they can call home. In order to do this, it is imperative that the child-adult relationship is healed and rebuilt, and Children’s Hope serves as a critical piece in this process. As a relationship-based residential treatment center for children who have suffered abuse and neglect, Children’s Hope is the only program of its kind in the state of Texas. Children’s...(Read More)

  • How Does New Content Help Your Website?

    How often do you really scroll past the first page of results when you make a Google search? Does it feel like the content you will see after that first page is less relevant to what you are searching for? A recent study showed that the first page of results on Google get approximately 95 percent of all views, which leaves only 5 percent or less for each succeeding page. With search engine algorithms constantly updating and changing, it is necessary to update content on your website in order to help it gain traffic, rankings on search engine...(Read More)

  • New Website: B.O.O.M.

    BOOM, or Business Operating on Mission, was founded by Keith Toogood and Steve Hoggard on the idea that God wants to move in and through business leaders in Lubbock, Texas. Keith and Steve believe that, as Christians in business, God has not only specifically placed and called them to impact the world with the gospel, but He has also placed and called other Christian business leaders to do the same.

    The purpose of BOOM is to encourage, equip, and empower Christian business leaders in the area through monthly meetings, which include a meal,...(Read More)

  • New Website: Macalaster House

    Macalester House in Lubbock, Texas, is a new wedding and event venue located a short distance from the heart of downtown Lubbock and Texas Tech University. Set apart from the hustle and noise of town, Macalester House was built on eight acres and boasts over 11,000 square feet of space. There is no shortage of amenities, either: the venue offers well-appointed ready rooms for the bride, groom, and wedding party, rectangular tables, round tables, ample parking, catering kitchen, and a quality sound system. Whether you’re looking for the perfect...(Read More)

  • New Website: HCI Drilling

    We recently redesigned a website for our clients at HCI Drilling. As safety standards, training methods, and technology have evolved following the drilling and pump service company’s inception in 1992, owner Kenny Cooper knew that the company’s website should also grow and evolve to keep up with the times.

    HCI Drilling has over 60 years of experience under their belt, and they pride themselves on maintaining a reputation of properly operating the best equipment in the industry, exceeding training and safety standards, and providing...(Read More)

  • New Website: SPECS Refrigeration

    SPECS Refrigeration in Lubbock, Texas, is a company you can count on for all of your commercial refrigeration needs. From walk in refrigeration to energy control and building management systems to ice machines, Pete and his team at SPECS Refrigeration are trained and certified to work on several different major brands including Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, and Follett. Founded in 1991, SPECS has decades of service under their belt regarding the installation, service, and maintenance of commercial ice machines, walk-in coolers and freezers,...(Read More)

  • Great Examples for Website Maintenance

    We run website maintenance plans companies across the spectrum. From churches to restaurants. Salons to AC companies - we cover it all. Anything that needs regular updates in both the front end and the back-end is a good fit for this service. Here are some recent examples of website maintenance work we have done.

    The Caboose Restaurants has been a website maintenance customer for a long time. We keep a number of things up to date on their website including their food menus, catering options, and photos of the fun people have in their...(Read More)

  • Back-end and Front-end Maintenance

    Websites are one of those things that should not be left alone for long. But, all to often, they get left alone and soon a year has passed before the next update comes - or longer. This is bad on a couple of levels. First, it makes you more likely to have your website hacked. Second, old information makes customers less likely to call you.

    Good Maintenance Is More Secure

    Websites today are complex software systems. As such, they require software updates on a regular basis. Hackers are looking for holes around the clock. ...(Read More)

  • Budget Friendly Website Updates

    Keeping a website up to date can get expensive. Let’s be honest. Hourly rates are not cheap and some work can take a lot of time. So how can you keep your website up to date without breaking the bank? With a website maintenance package from Your Web Pro LLC you can keep your website current in a budget friendly way you can afford.

    Here is how it works. We charge a flat rate every month for the services you need. The most basic of that is our standard maintenance package that covered software updates in the back-end and content...(Read More)

  • Website Maintenance: The Service that Started it All

    Your Web Pro LLC began over 14 years ago with a simple idea. I remember explaining to my dad what that idea was - while we were building an office in my garage. That office was for the company I had plans to start around this one idea. He did not tell me at the time, but some years later he old me that he thought I was crazy to leave a steady job and an established company to try this thing out. I am glad he didn’t tell me then.

    That idea was to provide a service that could help a company keep their website in good shape and within a...(Read More)

  • The flexibility of Google Ads Campaigns

    Google Ads is extremely flexible to meet the needs of your business. From seasonal campaigns to fixed budgets, there really is room for just about everyone in this boat.

    Seasonal Campaigns

    When your business has hard seasonal swings like roofers and landscapers do, Google Ads can help you plan well by those seasons. With companies like these we will often spin ads up a little while before the hot season and then run them hard throughout that season to help gain new business. When the season turns cold we either trim them way...(Read More)

  • Pay Per Click? What is that?

    Pay per click advertising is an online advertising method in which you pay only for the instances where someone clicks on your ad. People viewing your ad without clicking it cost you nothing. Those views are called impressions and, while some ads are billed on impressions, the better method is to pay for the actual clicks on your ad.

    Most online advertising platforms allow you to choose whether you pay for clicks or impressions and when given that option we will almost always advise on clicks. The cost per instances with clicks can be...(Read More)

  • How does Google Ads help People find my Business?

    If you’re looking to put your business out for more people to find, Google Ads is a fantastic way to do just that. With Google Ads, there are tools that show you all of the data that is needed to develop proper ads and keywords. This data includes demographics, locations, most-searched keywords, and much more. I’ll talk more about how this data helps down below.

    I’ll start with demographics. Google gathers users demographics based on their personal Google profile. Don’t worry, this data doesn’t include personal information such as...(Read More)

  • What is Google Ads?

    In 2000, Google released their advertisement platform where advertisers get to display products, mobile apps, videos, and service offerings on Google’s search and display networks. The platform allows for advertisers to pay for clicks, which is usually around a dollar per click but this varies depending on the type of competition you’re facing.

    Google Ads has since become a very popular platform for online advertising and with the right amount of knowledge, you can get a head-start from most businesses. It is also essential to know how...(Read More)

  • How Social Media Management Works

    Social media management is a service we have offered for a number of years. The basic idea is simple: We plan and post so you can focus on other things. Down in the trenches, a lot more goes on. Here is the run down:

    1. Planning Meetings

    We start with a planning meeting to understand more about what you do and who you are trying to connect with. During this meeting we are gathering information to help shape the content that will be developed. Typically this meeting is held again every 3 to 6 months as needed.

    2....(Read More)

  • What in the World can we Post now?

    Keeping your business active in social media is important, but a common struggle with many business owners and marketing professionals. What to post and when can be hard to keep up with. There are some simple guidelines to help make this easier.

    Plan Around Topics

    One handy way to organize posts for social media is around topics. This is especially helpful when you can follow seasonal services or monthly specials in your business. Make the content going out over social media match up with what you are doing otherwise in the...(Read More)

  • How can I make time for Social Media?

    Alright, so I know I need to be using social media in my business, but how do I find time for it? That is the struggle we hear from business owners quite often. Everyone is busy and adding one more iron to the fire is not going to help. With the right resources this becomes easier.

    Get Organized

    The first thing to do is get organized. Whether it is a yellow pad, a Google Sheet, or a handy planning application, keeping the ideas organized for where to post, what to post, and how often to post. The more organized the effort,...(Read More)

  • Does my Company really need to be posting to Social Media?

    A common question we hear is whether or not a company really involved in social media as business. Sure, most people have profiles for their personal connections, but maybe not for their companies. The answer is: maybe. Most likely, yes.

    Your customers are on social media. Be it Facebook, Youtube, etc they are out there and you have the ability to connect with them using either the targeting ad tools or more organic means. If you want to reach those customers, you need to be involved in social media. The next question is where… then...(Read More)

  • What is Social Media?

    Social Media is the not-so-new buzz word for many things. Like Coke. You mean Sprite, right? The official definition reads, “Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.” Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube allow users to create and share content then connect with others people worldwide around that shared content. The rise of social media has changed the way we see the world. This has caused businesses to rethink the way they communicate both online and...(Read More)

  • If you build it, they will come? False

    You have probably heard of the movie, “The Field of Dreams.” the basic plot is that if they build a baseball field in their corn field, the players will just show up and the fans will come to watch. It is great for a movie plot, maybe not so much for your business. While we all hope that the single act of starting a business, opening a storefront, building a website will cause the customers to just show up and their money to just flow in. In the world, however, it just does not work like that.

    We run into this with websites from time...(Read More)

  • What makes you Show up Better?

    The most common question we hear from people about their websites is, “What makes our website show up better?” The answer is multifaceted, but normally they are asking specifically about search engine ranks. The other two involve social media attention and links from referring sites. We will look at those two another time.

    Showing up better in search ranks

    Search engines have a simply job: show someone the best information related to what they are looking for. To do this, they index websites over and over trying to have...(Read More)

  • How Search Engines Index

    Understanding how search engines crawl around the internet and gather information can help you make informed decisions about online marketing. Most search engines work in generally the same manner with. Let’s dig into how that works.


    The search engines employ specialized software that is designed to automatically dig through websites for information that can be used to help others find what they need. This software has a few names: crawlers, search bots, spiders. The last one, spiders, is the most descriptive of...(Read More)

  • Your Website is Never Complete

    Do you feel like your work just never gets done? If you are working on your website and online marketing, you are right. A good website is not a once-and-done thing, but an ever evolving tool to help your business grow. While the technology and algorithms have changed - and will again - one things has remained true about running a good website: Update your website often with unique, relevant content and it will do better with search engines and customers.

    No one likes Old Information

    Unless you are a history buff, no one...(Read More)

  • Options for Building a Website

    When you are thinking about building or redesigning a website you have options. Depending on the needs you have, some tools may fit better than others. From the DIY tools into hiring a group like Your Web Pro to build your website, knowing your options helps you make the best choice for your needs and budget.

    Do-It-Yourself Tools

    A whole host of DIY website tools exists out there that allow you to build a website. While some are better than others, many of them are nice tools that can meet some website needs. It is important...(Read More)

  • A Recent Build: Symmetry Turf

    Symmetry Turf is a construction company specializing in stadium and sports field construction. We have worked with Symmetry helping to manage their current website for some time. When it was time for a redesign they allowed us to continue that work with a complete overhaul of their website.

    The goal in this project was the present the incredible work the team at Symmetry Turf does. From city soccer blocks to schools to NCAA fields and up to NFL stadiums, they have done it and knocked it out of the park.

    The main element we...(Read More)

  • What is involved in building a new website?

    When we start the process of building a new website it always starts with a lot of questions.  A website is not a #2 combo at the burger joint. It does not fit in a box for the shelf at the big box store and it is not one-size-fits-all.  Have you ever met the all that the one-size fits? I have not. We have a list of questions and those usually evolve into more questions specific to the customer.  The customer also has questions ranging from what can we do to how long, how much money, etc.

    We start the process with Discovery

    Discovery is the process where we discover what the customer is doing and how we can help.  This is the question...(Read More)

  • A recent Redesign: Pecan Ridge

    When you are thinking about a website revamp, this is a good project to look at for examples. Back in 1995 when the Cowboys won the superbowl, Microsoft revolutionized computing with the release of Windows 95, and Bill Clinton was in office, Pecan Ridge opened its doors. They are a full service pecan shelling and marketing company that grew over the years to offer a number of pecan related products and treats. Keep in mind that at this time, was not even a year old yet. My, how the Internet has changed!

    In 2012, the owners of...(Read More)

  • When is it time to redesign my Website?

    A common questions we get is, “How often should I consider redesigning my website?”  The answer is simple: every 18 months or at any major change in your business. That is not to say that you MUST redesign at those points, but that is the time to look into it.  Here is what that evaluation looks like…

    How has your business changed?

    Heraclitis said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”  That holds true for your business also. All businesses change.  All businesses adapt to the market and follow...(Read More)

  • Getting imagery the right way: Licensed stock

    Website content is very important for gaining and holding a visitor, but to grab their initial attention you need captivating images and videos. There is a wrong way and a right way to get those media files. As we continue our look at how to correctly use images and videos on your website we are looking at method 3: Licensed stock.

    Just buy it!

    Sometimes it is not possible to take the right picture yourself and not feasible to hire a photographer so the best option is to use licensed stock. Most licensed stock imagery must be purchased from one of the major stock companies like iStockPhoto. When you...(Read More)