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Clark’s Roofing and Construction

Clark Kunkel has been providing the finest roofing and construction services to Lubbock for over 20 years. He does roofing, remodeling, and new construction throughout the South Plains. Working with Clark, you cannot help but sense his sincerity and honesty for doing the best job with each customer.

We had the honor of building the first website Clark had about 5 years ago and recently finished a redesign with new website for today’s technology and browsing needs. This website is an online gallery and brochure showcasing the work Clark does and helping customers connect with him easily.

This is a theme based website that is fully mobile responsive allowing it to be viewed with any device. We also feature the images and videos Clark has taken from his recent projects. That allows a potential customer to browse from their phone, tablet, or PC to see the great work Clark is doing.

With multiple contact points on each page, it is easy for customers to get in touch with Clark as well. We like to provide as many methods of contact as we can for phone, email, and web forms. You can also connect via Social Media. Clark has an active Facebook profile with new content coming out all of the time.

Theme sites can be a great alternative to the time and expense involved in building a custom website. When you need something simple and quick, a theme site will provide just that. While custom website allows you a lot more flexibility, theme sites can be built quickly and at about half the price of a custom site.

No matter your need, we can handle it at Your Web Pro LLC. From theme sites to custom sites and even working on what you have to make it work better, give us a call. We can figure out a plan to meet your needs.

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