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Doing What We Are Good At

One night my nephew was at my house for a visit. He is a genius mechanic. He can look at things and just know how they work, what’s wrong, and makes the fix look like it is so simple. I have an old slot machine I had tried to fix a dozen times. It had not worked in 10 years or more. Chris takes one look and about 20 minutes later it is working like new. He is really good at that. I am not.

Jack of All Trades, Master of One

I am not a good mechanic, carpenter, the list could go on and on. I am good at the website business and I learned that around the age of 14 spending days and days on the infant Internet and soaking up all I could find on how it worked. I was not good at baseball… or any other ball for that matter. When Benjamin Franklin coined the term, “Jack of trades, master of one.” He was making the point that we should know a little about everything and everything about one thing. Be an expert in one thing. This very week I had two conversations with different clients that told me that same thing. In effect, they were both saying that they need to focus this effort on the one thing each of them does best. It is always a good reminder for me to keep my focus on what we do best instead of chasing butterflies that look pretty.

On The Surface, This Is Interesting

I worked with a guy some years ago that was really good to talk to on a break. He had held a number of jobs all around the country and in all kinds of industries, but none for very long. He knew something and had a story about what seemed like everything. The funny thing was, about 9 months into the job I started hearing the stories repeating. As we went along it was obvious that the surface knowledge of all of these things was all there was to hear. Sometimes I feel a lot less interesting in a group because my field of expertise is nerdy and I don’t have a lot of other experience. I have done the same work for about 20 years – and I am not that old yet. When we focus on a field and invest wholly into that we can gain a depth of knowledge that makes us the master, the expert, and lends credibility with others. I hope that people speak of me and my crew as the experts in website design. We do all we can to get the best result for each customer using the experienced we have gathered over the years.

Passing The Buck

Often times we pass on or refer work out when it is not our field. While I know a fair amount about computers, IT repair, networking and the like, I do not do that day to day so my knowledge is not as extensive as a guy who is hands on fixing machines daily. We get calls all the time with computer problems and people are surprised that we refer those to other companies. While we could get into that work, it is just not what we do best. It would not be a valuable service for us or the customer as a sideline. We want to do our best on your website. That is the number one goal for me and my crew. If you need something outside of that we want to help you find the best provider for that. If you are the best in your field, I want to help you find your best customers. Let’s work together to get this done.