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Effective Website Development by Committees

When we build a new website, we come from a team approach. The Your Web Pro crew and the client must work together, each bringing a specific skill or experience level to contribute to a successful project. Every project is different, but we have found a few things that help them all run smoothly.

Assign Specific People For A Reason

It can be tempting to include everyone in the website build group, but not everyone has time, interest, or experience to contribute. When you have to spend the meeting time explaining how a web browser works instead of what the project status is, your committee will get burned out. Consider the people of this team carefully so they can each bring value to the common goal of your website. Assign those people specifically by what they can contribute, not how much you like them or what their job title is.

Set One Goal

In the very beginning, the goal must be set. If that is to make the phone ring more or trigger online sales, that goal must be set then followed. If each person comes with a different goal the whole project is going to be rough. Try to make the conversation a “We need” instead of an “I want.”

Filter All Decisions Through The Goal

As the project progresses, filter the decisions through the set goal and ask, “How does this choice support our goal.” If it doesn’t, then throw it out. It might be really nice to include the picture from last year’s Christmas party that everyone loves, but how will that help drive online sales?

Keep It Simple

Try to keep the committee and meetings simple. It is helpful to have a point person that is running the show as well as a written agenda for any meetings. It can seem cumbersome, but maintaining old and new items on the agenda helps to keep the meeting on point and on schedule. It also helps the project run smoother with clarity of what is expected.

Maintain Good Communication

Throughout your project, good communication is important. It can get tricky to email with the whole group, but sometimes that is important. If needed, email everyone. If the subject can be handled between a graphic designer and point person, leave it to that and keep moving. The details can be ironed out, end product finished, and the presentation made to the committee at the end. Splitting the church over the color of hymnals is really not helpful. Build the sanctuary and the hymnals will be fine.