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GPS Plumbing

Gabe Soliz runs a dedicated crew of plumbers in Lubbock, most with over 15 years in the business. From slow drains to replacement gas lines to backflow systems, the crew at GPS Plumbing can handle it. Gabe told us, however, that they could not handle building a website. Not to fear, Gabe! If you stick to plumbing, we will stick to websites and the world will keep turning.

This website is a seven page theme build covering every aspect of their business including residential service calls, commercial plumbing, and blackflow testing. Gabe also asked us to make some minor modifications to his logo to better fit the valve design he had in mind. We completed the logo and matched the website to his red and black color scheme.

A theme based website like this is a great option when you don’t need a full design package for brand unification. With GPS Plumbing, the use of their colors and logo match their trucks and other marketing just right. Theme sites are very flexible and can handle everything from online brochure type sites like GPS Plumbing as well as complex online stores. What’s more, these websites can grow as your business does. Should GPS Plumbing need to allow customers to make appointments online or pay their bill through the website, we can make it happen. It is important to make sure your website can handle the need of today, but still have capabilities for the function of tomorrow.

We all enjoyed working on the logo and website for Gabe and the guys at GPS Plumbing. They are a hard working, fast moving company that seeks to turn every job into a perfect project with satisfied customers. Thanks to Gabe and the crew for choosing Your Web Pro LLC for your new website!