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Independent Insurance Agents of Lubbock New Website

We just completed the new website for the Independent Insurance Agents of Lubbock. The IIAL is a non-profit group of local, independent insurance agents working together to improve our community. We have had the pleasure of working with the IIAL on two versions of the website now. Originally, their website was done by another provider and they needed help with hosting and updates. For several years we provided that with ongoing website hosting service and hourly updates as needed. We have a number of customers like that who do not need a big, fancy contract to have a good website.

The new website came with a need for the leadership to make some changes to the website, accept online registrations, and just give it a fresh look. We built the site on Wordpress with a mobile responsive theme that adapts to the screen sizes of computers, tablets, and phones. With a theme build we are able to roll a nice, new website out with a quicker turn-around time and lower cost that a custom designed website. While custom sites are great and serve the need of many customers, a theme site works well when all of the unique functions of a custom site are not needed.

The IIAL website has two unique functions that help the organization run smoother. The first is an online calendar. The purpose of this tool is to share events more easily and quickly with their membership. They can post or edit an event anytime with instant access rather than emailing or printing calendars regularly. The other new feature is an event management and registration system. The IIAL holds an annual golf tournament and other events that have traditionally been organized with paper signups. The new website will allow for both online registration and payment for these events making the event process simpler for all involved.

Our goal is always to provide a website that best fits the needs of our customers. We can’t do that with a one-size-fits-all approach. If we can help you build a solution that is tailored to your needs, give us a call today.