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MDG Christian Counseling Website

If you ever meet Denise Guillory, your life would be changed forever and that's not just because she has a profession in licensed counseling. Her personality is full of life and will leave you laughing and wishing you could be as bold as she is.

We had the pleasure of working with her to create a website that provides a place for people to learn more about her and her Christian Counseling practice. Organized into 5 pages, this website provides a variety of information and inspiration that helps you get to know her vision, heart, and values right off the bat. This specific design is a direct reflection of who she is as a person: You know what you are walking into. She also has her resume available to you in its entirety, which not only adds scholarly credibility but adds an element of honesty and trust before you even meet her.

MDG Christian Counseling believes that life is a journey full of blessings and hardships. One thing we really love about this website is that there is a whole page dedicated to inspirational quotes that supports this idea. Adding a page that is exclusively encouragement to the reader adds an element to her website that truly sets it apart.

On each page, there is a static section that is prominently placed at the top right hand corner of the copy. It contains her picture, work phone number, link to her biography and credentials, a visual map, and her office hours. The recurrence of information makes for a unique presentation and provides easy access to her contact information.

Each website we create is tailored to the customer because we believe that your vision and mission are important. We loved Denise’s passion for helping people and greatly enjoyed working with her. Jump at the opportunity to meet her – you won’t be sorry.

Check out her website here.