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Must Be Present to Win

The value of being involved to achieve success

Like many areas of life, it seems like the success of things is directly related to the investment we make in them, and I am not talking about money alone. In fact, just throwing money at something with little involvement might be one of the best ways to make a mess. Just look at big government programs…. But that is another can of worms.

When we start into a project with a customer we always want to nail down who the decision maker is from the beginning. It is not always that the person signing the check is the same as the person running the project, and that is OK with one exception. If there is a decision maker up in the ranks that wants to run the project from 30,000 feet and put someone else in the middle it causes a problem. Now I am not a management expert and there must certainly be a good process for running a setup like this, but my experience is that we create a better product when the person that makes the decision is the one running the project with his boots on the ground. Here are a few tips have picked up for running a good project:

  • Keep good communication open between the person working on a project and the person calling the shots.
  • Make clear the goals and tasks to be accomplished – and don’t shift those during the project.
  • Set realistic timelines based on the input of both sides of the project.

When everyone knows the goals and timelines the project runs so much smoother. The opposite when no one is real sure what is expected and the one that can tell you is not involved… well… that makes the work much more difficult, takes a lot longer, and will probably cost money most to get done.

Short story even shorter? Get involved. This is beyond a website build, really. Get involved in the t-ball team, church committee, a business group…. anything that is important. Must be present to win.