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New Website for Bird Dog Outfitters

We recently launched a new website for one of our clients, Bird Dog Outfitters. Chad Minter, founder and owner of Bird Dog, provides guided, waterfowl hunts near Plainview. He has 4,000 acres of private land laden with fields of corn and milo which attract thousands of different waterfowl each year. Chad has over 20 years of experience chasing waterfowl from the Gulf Coast to the river bottoms of East Texas and is excited to get his company off the ground.

One of the most important aspects of a company is a good quality website. We have years of experience strategically building websites and were excited to tackle this new project. Bird Dog Outfitter’s website is a theme build based out of WordPress. This is our most popular website design option as it provides clean, modern, and customizable features.

One neat thing about this website is that you can access everything online. Whether it be to book a hunt, reserve lodging, or even purchasing a hat, this website can do it all.

Typically, when we design websites, the Contact Us page has a map for people to reference. On Bird Dog’s website, the map is a prominent feature which stretches along the width of the page. It functions similarly to a slider, adding an interactive and visual element to the website.

Additionally, we partnered with Clint to provide educational information on what each specific hunt looks like. Each hunt has an accompanying description, image, and link to book that specific hunt.

We put a lot of thought and strategy into color choice. Because this is a hunting website, we wanted to create an earthy feel. So, this website has an earthy toned palate - greens, browns, and tans.

There are many of cool aspects to this specific website. Take a look at

If you are looking for an innovative way to spend time with your family, your prospective clients, or are just looking for a getaway, look into booking a hunt with Bird Dog Outfitters! It is a great option for beginning and seasoned hunters alike!