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New Website for Luminous You Massage

Luminous You Massage is a by appointment only massage facility that has one of the most diverse service menus on the market. They specialize in massage techniques from around the world and their experienced therapists know exactly what they are doing. Whether you are looking to relax or need a break during your work day, Luminous You Massage is a wonderful place to go for tension relief and customized massages.

Rebekkah, owner of Luminous You Massage, understands her clients and wanted a website that efficiently spoke to her current and potential clientele, so we helped create a straightforward, no-nonsense website that helped inform and educate.

One thing we really love about this website is the thorough, educational information on it. Making sure that their massage information was readily available was a high priority, so on each page there is static information. This info includes a side bar of additives that you can include in your massage appointment, a section that displayed the flat rate fee for massages, and a section dedicated to informing clients that there is a steamed towel wipe down before you leave the facility.

Additionally, there is a page for each specific massage with more information about what makes that massage special. At the end of each page, there is a brief explanation about what each massage is good for. The way this is set up is easy to see and a good, quick reference guide for the reader.

Aesthetic is an essential element of a website and we love the look and feel of these pages. The main theme has serene, background image with an opaque, white block with text on it (pictured to the right). The text box is just opaque enough to see the image, but not so much that you are distracted from the content. This look and feel fits perfectly into Luminous You’s vision as a massage therapy company. When we design websites, we explore all options to help decide what features will best serve your website design needs.

It was a pleasure working with Luminous You Massage Therapy. They get the job done! Be sure to check out their website and book an appointment with them in the process.