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New Website for a Historic Lubbock Store

If you are looking for a friendly furniture company that genuinely wants to help you out, W.D. Wilkins is the place to go. They highly value family and strive to understand people’s top priorities to provide the best possible furniture options for what the customer wants and needs. That is exactly what has kept them in business for 85 years.

With a warm and friendly face, they contacted our team about a website rebuild. They were ready for a fresh and updated look to their online presence.

W.D. Wilkins wanted to update their website with a clean, new look – adapting several elements of their existing website with a spin of modernity. With a condensed menu structure and visually driven home page, W.D. Wilkins' website came out sharp and clean.

What better way to display your inventory than through high quality images in an online gallery? We wanted to find the best way to store and display W.D. Wilkin’s extensive inventory without it being an overwhelming feat. We strategically made sure that there was still has a condensed menu with all the information about the different products. So, we were able to have the best of both worlds and didn't have to sacrifice a tight look with the high volume of images.

When you are designing a website, you have to consider how the site will translate on each device. Smartphones, tablets, and computer desktops all have different deminsions. At Your Web Pro, we always consider how each device will affect the website design. This is exactly what we did with the W.D. Wilkins website and it turned out great! On each device, the website translates smoothly.

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