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Pizza and Beer in Georgetown

A few weeks ago the Mrs. and I took a road trip. One of the stops along the way was near Georgetown. We finished up right around lunch time so we needed to find a restaurant close by. Easy enough. Certainly there was a mediocre burger chain there… just like the one at home. Wait, wait! Who wants to eat a so-so sandwich when we can find some local grub that is unique to the area we are visiting? .

Google To The Rescue

We did a quick search from our phones and found a place around the corner called 600 Degrees Right. Do the search, Pizza and Beer in Georgetown, and you should find it too. This is a local place with unique pizzas and local beer. If you like the boring, normal stuff it might not be your place. KaCee and I are the opposite and we loved it. Let’s break down the steps of how we got there…

  1. Search
  2. Eat/Drink
  3. Pay

So simple. As customers, we want it simple. We want to look something up, find something great, and be done. As a business, that is what you want too. You want people to easily find you, come see you, and for the whole process to be simple.

Why It’s Not So Simple

The part that gets complicated is getting your business there. People often think they can launch a website and be there. While those instances do happen like a one-hit-wonder, but they are not the norm. Most businesses work hard and long to rank highly and maintain those ranks. It takes lots of work, time, and patience to get there. A trusted expert does not hurt either.

We Want To Be Your Expert

We work with companies large and small to help them get ranked better while providing good information to their customers. That second part is important because driving traffic to a junk website is not effective. The process starts with a good website with a good user experience. Next, we want to tell the search engines what you are all about and update that information often. With consistency over time, we see ranks improve and traffic follows. If we can help you get there, get in touch today.