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Platinum DJ and Party Rentals

Platinum DJ

Shawn Pena is the owner of Platinum DJ and Party Rentals working throughout West Texas to bring life to weddings, proms, and parties of all sorts. Shawn and King Solomon agree that there is a time for everything, including a time to dance. Shawn came to us on a referral from another great customer, Red Letter Linens. We always like it when customers are happy with our work and send their friends our way. There is always a time for referrals.

When it comes to keeping a party or wedding going, Shawn has all of the best equipment and brings his years of DJ experience. Events like weddings are once in a lifetime and need an experienced professional. Other events and karaoke need the right tools and a DJ that can keep the party moving. On both fronts, Shawn has you covered.

This is a 5 page theme based website. Shawn likes the simplicity of white and black with a minimalist design, so that is exactly what we created. While many minimalist websites feature pictures, Shawn wanted silhouettes of weddings and parties. Finding and creating the right silhouettes was a tricky task, but Bethany, our graphic designer, nailed it with the perfect blend.

Another unique feature on this website is the hamburger menu in main and mobile displays. While the small hamburger menu icon is familiar in mobile interfaces, but that is the exact function Shawn wanted for all his website. When you click the hamburger, a menu comes out allowing site navigation. This is a growing trend in websites and we are happy it fit the bill for what Shawn had in mind.

Most of the Your Web Pro crew can’t sing, hardly any of us can dance, but we all enjoyed working on a website for the man who can bring any party to life, Shawn Pena and Platinum DJ and Party Rentals.