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Quality Over Quantity: The Key to Effective Content

Content is king. It always has been and always will be. This is not only the case in inbound marketing, but also in personal and every day conversation. Therefore, when crafting content for your company for any platform, treat it with diligent care or it could guillotine your success.

Here are some suggestions on how to approach content creation…

Words on Words on Words on Words – Simplicity is key. Don’t add superfulous content for the sake of a higher word count. Make sure you are saying what you need in a concise and effective way.

No One likes Off-Brand Lucky Charms – Lucky charms is to quality content as Frosted Toasted Oats with Marshmallows is to spammy, cheap content (and noone likes the off brand lucky charms). When you create content that is well researched and helpful, it adds value to your service or product. It displays that you are in it to assist the customer and not just trying to get their business. Be wise in the content to push out – you don’t want people turning down your business because of a bad bowl of cereal.

A Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes –Consider questions, concerns, and any basic information gaps your customers might have. Not everyone is an expert on your product or service. You have to start with the basics to even grab the customer’s attention. Plus, if you write what your customers are thinking about, then they are more likely to listen.

Prooooofread – Sticks and stones make break my bones, but bad grammar might actually hurt me. It is vital to proofread because there is so much you can miss. Like Stephanie Flaxman in an article on CopyBlogger says, “Pubic Content is different than Public Content.” All it takes is one missing letter. There are many different techniques you can use to prevent simple mistakes: try starting from the last sentence and proof read to the first sentence.

These suggestions don’t necessarily cover every facet of effective web content creation, but it is a good starting point. Take your time and make sure your content prioritizes quality over quantity. You and your customers won’t be disappointed.

Content creation is a huge part of what we do at Your Web Pro. When we create your website, we partner with you to make sure you voice is effectively displayed and help tailor the content to your customer demographic.