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Rusty’s Bug Stop

Rusty and Taundra Ferguson own Rusty’s Bug Stop, a Lubbock Pest Control company providing extermination and termite treatment. Their goal is to provide excellent customer service with each job while maintaining a great relationship with customers. When you need quality pest control from a local, honest, and caring company, you need Rusty’s Bug Stop.

Taundra contacted Your Web Pro LLC to have a new website built with updated information and better functionality. For their needs, a theme site worked perfectly with some additional functions to give them a bump over the competition.

One of those additional functions was the “Send Pictures” tool. The goal of this tool was to arrive at a customer’s home or business more prepared for the pest at hand. Taundra said they run into a situation often where a customer has a bug issue, but they are not sure what type of bug they have. Depending on the particular bug, a different chemical or method is needed. With the “Send Pictures” tool, Taundra can have customers go online and send pictures from their phone of the bugs. As the experts, Rusty and Taundra can then come prepared with the right plan to attack that particular problem. That is a great idea and it was very fun to implement.

The overall goal of this website was to connect with customers, educate them, and grow relationships. We would mostly classify this website as a brochure type site, but it has additional features like the pictures tool and blog making it more of an interactive marketing and communication tool. One of the many benefits of having a website is the flexibility of what you can do with it. Everything from simply getting your name out there through actually taking payment online can be done with your website. We can help you get there.

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