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Search Engine Optimization for Beginners – What is SEO?

Simply defined, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of growing visibility within a search engine.

If you have a website, it is likely you have heard the phrase Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an integral part of your online presence, but it’s hard to know how to navigate the highly used and sometimes confusing marketing discipline.

If you are a small business looking for info on how to utilize SEO or simply asking the question “What is SEO?” keep reading.

What is SEO?

SEO aims to get your website to rank in search engines when a user types in a specific word or niche. There are hundreds of factors that go into how your website ranks in a search engine. From word use to authentic content, it is important that your SEO is authentic and quality.

Does SEO Work?

Yes. (You’re welcome for the blindingly brilliant insight).

But, you must have a strategy.

First, some things to consider:

- Google does not release all ten trillion factors that go into SEO ranking. If they did…well, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are today. Also, the famous search engine would be in shambles because the ranking system would be in chaos.

- However, Google does release some very important factors including last year’s announcement of RankBrain (or learn more here) which is an AI that interprets language and queries that helps sift through ambiguous content. This makes it harder for spammy content to do well in rankings.

- Brand recognition is a thing. If you are a small business, don’t expect your website to rank on par with someone like Amazon or McDonalds.

- Take advice with a grain of salt. If something works for you, then keep going. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

When you are creating an SEO strategy, here are some optimization techniques to consider:

1. Comprehensive Content

Google’s ranking algorithm, Hummingbird, is “The algorithm is the system that processes what people search for and combs through billions of pages to rank the ones believed to be best first” (Source). Therefore, having comprehensive and in-depth content is important, which is why clients hire SEO services from local web firms, like Your Web Pro. A well-written and professionally written article can work wonders for your SEO rankings.

2. Keywords DO Matter

Considering keywords and doing keyword research is a key element of SEO. Keywords are what users type into search engines. It’s no longer as simple as saturating articles with keywords. Like any proficient writing, it’s important to frame your content around a specific word/idea.

3. Backlinking

Backlinking is a term referring to websites linking to YOUR website. This technique authenticates your articles and websites. Including links into articles is important as to show a well-researched article. But, trying to get other websites to link to your page will only increase your online credibility with SEO rankings.

Moving Forward

If you have any questions about SEO or are looking to outsource your SEO efforts, give Your Web Pro a call. We’d love to help.