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The Folly of Search Engine Rank Reports Part 1

Search engine ranks can almost become an obsession to website owners – and for good cause. Being found on the major search engines is vital to your business. Knowing how those ranks work and what you can do about them will ease the stress. One of the first things to throw out to reduce the stress around your ranks are the rank reports offered by the marketing sales force running around out there.

In this four-part series we are going to look at those rank reports, how search ranks really work, and what you can do about it. Stay tuned as we dive into this confusing topic. This week is the first of those four parts helping you understand those reports and search ranks.

Common Report Sources

If you have been called on by one of the hundreds or marketing salespeople running around, you have probably seen a report that tells you how you rank in the major search engines. The two big things to consider on these reports are the geographic area and the keywords searched for. A report that says, “You are 14 in Google” is not telling you anything. 14 in what area? 14 for what search? You need a lot more information. When you see reports like this my best advice is to light the BBQ with them.

Understanding Search Ranks

When you look at search ranks, you will usually see three distinct information sets. First are ads, second are places, third are websites. Knowing which area you show up in is key to know where your work needs to be focused.

Next week we will look at the three types of results you see on your search results in more detail. Tune in again to your email, our website, or Facebook for the next part of this series.