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West Texas Refrigeration Helping You Chill Out

West Texas Refrigeration: Helping You Chill Out

Nathan Cullum is the classic success story. He was raised by a hard working business owner in Colorado learning how to work at something you can be proud of. Nathan’s father was an air conditioning and refrigeration specialist in Colorado and after working for similar companies in Texas, Nathan realized their work was not the same quality as what he grew up watching his father provide. That realization stirred him to step out on his own to build a refrigeration company that provides the absolute best quality at reasonable rates. That is when West Texas Refrigeration was born.

Nathan contacted our offices on a referral from a previous employee of Your Web Pro LLC. After discussing the options and plans for building a website, Nathan landed on a custom, static build in a fully mobile responsive model. It was important for this website to look unique, function well, and present West Texas Refrigeration in the best way possible. We took a modern, clean approach to the design to show off the work Nathan does. You can look at the pictures and see the great steps Nathan takes for perfecting his work. Most people will never see the guts of the refrigeration unit in your local super market or convenience store, but that is not stopping West Texas Refrigeration from making sure those jobs are done in a manner that makes them proud.

This is a static website so there is not a fancy backend system to maintain. With a static website, you have a harder time updating some of it, but do not have to worry about hackers exploiting a hole in the content management system core. Updates to the core are not an issue on static sites either so you have less overall headache and maintenance. When a solid website is your goal and you do not need the ability to do your own content updates, a static site is king.

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