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When to evaluate your website: Tasks Change

Websites are not like wine. They don’t get better with age. In fact, having an outdated website can be very harmful to your business. We recommend an annual review of your website just to make sure you are on track. That does not mean you need a complete overhaul every year, but just that you are keeping up with the needs of your web presence. In this series we will look at the four big areas that cause your website to stagnate: trends, technologies, targets, and tasks.

This week we are looking at the way tasks change and how that impacts your website.

Tasks Change

The final consideration is in the task of your website. When it was built you had a specific thing or a few specific things the website needed to do. Maybe that was to find a location near them or to call and book an appointment. As time goes by, that task may change. Now instead of calling, you want customers to book that appointment directly online. Instead of placing an online order you might want them to come into your new store. Tasks change and your website needs to keep up.

As we evaluate the task of your website, we are looking for the next step. The next step is what you want a visitor to do once they arrive at your website. You will also hear this referred to as a call to action of CTA. When someone hits your website we need a clear task for them to complete like call now, order online, or schedule your appointment. If that step has changed since your website was build it is a good idea to update the task of the website.

Next Steps

So now what? Take a few minutes and look critically at your website. Also, look at a few other websites in and outside of your industry. From there, let’s make a plan of any changes that could be made to keep your website current.