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Mass Email Marketing in Lubbock

Mass Email Marketing in Lubbock

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Make sure the email you send your customers is being read. Content marketing is a mecca of different types of publishing that all works together to help you attract customers. Publishing fresh content on your website is great, but what else are you doing to make sure that content reaches as many people as possible? Email marketing and social media give us great opportunities to be heard.

Your Web Pro Lubbock Email Marketing

We've integrated a new email marketing tool that helps us make the most out of any email marketing campaign. By incorporating email marketing into our powerhouse of marketing tools, we are able to design emails, build lists and provide insights and metrics for your email campaigns. We can tell you how many people:

Opened Your Email - This will let us know if we're grabbing their attention with the subject.

Clicked Links in Your Email - Clicking links usually means they're reading, and clicks on links back to your website are always good.

Marked Your Email as Spam - We have a useful feature that will automatically remove a subscriber that marks your email as spam from the list. This will keep you from landing on email blacklists.

If you're ready to add email marketing to your strategy, give us a call and we'll get started!

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